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5on GetLegal, Apr 19, 2018
Howard Popper represented me and my family in an automobile accident case. He was very thorough and he was able to settle the case without going to trial. I appreciate his expertise and kind manner. His staff is excellent and always available for help. more »
5on Avvo, Dec 12, 2017
Howard Popper represented me in a personal injury trip and fall case. He carefully and completely explained the process of pursuing my case and allowed me the time to recuperate from my injuries. Mr. Popper’s knowledge of the law is beyond extensive. He was never intrusive but always took the time to personally call me with an update. His staff was also always readily accessible to answer any of my questions. Mr. Popper is also an exceptional negotiator who was able to settle my case without going to trial. The outcome was very favorable for me. Howard Popper is not only an excellent attorney, but he is also a kind and caring person. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a personal injury attorney. He is simply the best. more »
5on GetLegal, Sep 20, 2017
Extremely helpful attorney with very sound knowledge of the law. A very courteous, helpfull and professional lawyer Highly recommended Attorney with immense legal knowledge. more »
5on Avvo, Jul 07, 2017
I was very pleased with Mr Popper as a person and as my Attorney. Mr Popper was very respectful to all my concerns and questions and made me feel very at ease through my whole process . Mr Popper exceeded all my expectations . I would highly recommend Mr Popper as your next Attorney!! Thankyou Mr Popper :) more »
5on Avvo, Jan 20, 2017
Howard Popper and his staff were excellent from the start. The staff was supportive, efficient and professional. Mr. Popper showed an outstanding negotiating sense and vast knowledge of the law. These factors led to the extremely satisfying result to my case. Thank you Mr. Popper and staff. more »
5on Avvo, Jun 21, 2016
My lawyer did a great job it was fast and convenient given my circumstances they worked with me in the ways I needed and accommodated me at all means more »
5on Avvo, Apr 04, 2016
I was referred to Howard Popper thru a co-worker after I was injured in a motorcycle accident. The accident was not my fault but the bills were being sent to me directly and my insurance was not covering my bills since it was on a motorcycle. After a consultation with Mr. Popper he told me that he could help me out. From there he referred me to a pain management center that help me with my pain. Mr. Popper from there had me sign some papers and bring copies of all the bills that were not covered by my insurance company. Mr. Popper and his team handle everything and made this tough process very easy. He was able to nogogiate with the other parties insurance company to cover my damages and then some. I would not have been able to get to this point without such a thorough lawyer as Mr. Popper was. I would highly recommend Mr. Popper to anyone who had to go through what I had to go through. more »
5on Avvo, Mar 03, 2016
From day one Howard Popper was very professional and went the extra mile to help me get my case settled. He was also very honest during the rough times of the case but always gave his best effort to get the job done. I left him to do his job and rarely intervened and he did exactly what he promised, which was to have the best outcome possible. I recommend him to anyone in need of his services. more »
5on Avvo, Mar 03, 2016
Howard and his staff were great. In addition to the settlement we deserved, I was always confident that Howard had my family's best interest at heart. He never wanted to see us suffer during the process. I never had to second guess or question him. His staff works seamlessly with him-they are wonderful to work with. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Dec 17, 2015
Howard is an amazing attorney and knows his stuff. He will go above and beyond for his clients. I wold recommend him without any hesitation. Jayne at his office is also amazing and always available to talk to you along the way with any questions or concerns. more »
5on Facebook, Nov 05, 2015
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5on Facebook, Nov 04, 2015
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5on Avvo, Nov 04, 2015
Mr. Popper and his staff are the best. They helped me in every way they could. Good at reassuring me that he had everything under control and that I d... more »
5on Avvo, Nov 04, 2015
Mr. Popper and his staff are the best. They helped me in every way they could. Good at reassuring me that he had everything under control and that I did not have to worry. more »
5on Avvo, Jul 25, 2015
Howard will get you the settlement you deserve ! His staff is very helpful and always answers any questions you may have. I would never think about using another attorney . more »
5on Avvo, Jul 17, 2015
Mr. Popper is an excellent attorney. He made me feel confident and I trusted him to the fullest. I received the settlement I deserved and was happy with the settlement. His assistants were able to handle all questions in his absence and keep me up to date. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Apr 30, 2015
Howard Popper and his staff took such good care of us from the first day. They were kind and considerate as well as helpful every step of the way. They answered our questions and explained all of our options. We are very pleased with the settlement that we received. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for help with a personal injury case. We feel the service had a personal touch with a positive difference! more »
5on Yellow Pages, Apr 29, 2015
Very informative , and made me feel at ease throughout my case . I am so very grateful to Howard and his knowledegable staff .... more »
5on Avvo, Apr 28, 2015
Mr Popper and his staff treated me with up most respect. I appreciate everything your firm did for me. Words can;t describe how calm he made the whole process for me . Thank You again to you Howard and your staff....... more »
5on Yellow Pages, Mar 31, 2015
Good, very knowledgeable, knows his way thru the complicated Worker's Compensation legal system. more »
5on Avvo, Mar 30, 2015
He has surrounded himself with a strong, compassionate and knowledgeable team - very important when trying to wind your way through our complicated legal system. more »
5on GetLegal, Dec 07, 2014
I appreciate the time and attention to the details. I believe that it made a great difference in my case. I recommend Howard Popper. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Dec 06, 2014
What can I say about Mr. Popper...great knowledge of his craft and made me feel like I was important ....of course every great STAR has a great team behind him or her. So 2 THUMBS UP to his staff of Maria And Jayne and all their work behind the scences to make my great judgement a reality. Thank you. Ralph Nastro. more »
5on GetLegal, Nov 12, 2014
I guess, when you hear the word injury attorney it makes you think of a lawyer who is an '"" ambulance chaser".....Mr. Popper was anything but that...I came to him, with my true concerns, and he made me feel like he really cared...his expertise in the field ....combined with true hard work got me more of a settlement than I could of ever hoped for. But Mr. Popper did more than get me money for my injuries.....he got me the true respect that I desired from the day that I got hurt.....I wasn't just somebody was looking for a payday....but someone who worked 110% at the job that he was employed at.......and truly got injured doing so....and who could now enjoy a little ease and comfort at a time when I needed it most....thank you Mr. Popper.... more »
5on Avvo, Aug 22, 2014
Howard Popper and his staff were great. I was a nervous wreck, but they helped me through a rough time and he delivered what he promised. I was very happy with them and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a personal injury attorney. more »
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Attorney Howard D. Popper has provided results-driven legal counsel to individuals in New Jersey for more than a quarter of a century.more »

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