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5on Google, Oct 08, 2017
Michael C. Greenberg is a highly competent and effective attorney. My son was facing the toughest judge and the possibility of 73 days in jail for speeding, and multiple other traffic violations charged with the speeding ticket. Michael guided my son on how to be prepared for court, from how to dress, which courses to take, and personal achievements to have ready to present in court. By the Grace of God, and Mike's excellent approach, methodology, preparedness, knowledge, outstanding negotiation skills, expertise of the legal system, his professional relationships with the prosecutors and the Judge all was well. The charges against my son were substantially reduced and NO jail time. Thank God! more »
5on Avvo, Oct 05, 2017
Mike is a great lawyer i hired him to help me with a traffic ticket for speeding and he had it reduced to a 143 dollar summonse this lawyer is the best and he showed up on time and replied asap on any question i had hes the type you can trust icing on cake hes affordable affordable more »
5on Google, Sep 20, 2017
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5on Google, Sep 18, 2017
Mike Greenberg represented us in court , he's an amazing attorney he had 2 tickets dismissed and 2 tickets reduced he's a god sent. Thank you more »
5on Avvo, Sep 15, 2017
I hired Mike to represent my 20-year-old daughter in a NJ traffic matter. I am in Virginia so I was a bit nervous, not knowing any New Jersey counsel. I found Mike online and knew I found the right guy. He returned my initial contact within minutes, charged a very reasonable fee, clearly explained what he thought would happen ( which was exactly right) and made the whole process quite easy on me and my daughter. I am an attorney and myself, here in Virginia, having practice for the last 29 years so I greatly appreciated his knowledge, honesty and promptness in responding to me each time I had a question. It's my daughter needs an attorney again in New Jersey or nearby, there's only one guy I will consider hiring and that is Mike. it's my daughter needs an attorney again in New Jersey or nearby, there's only one guy I will consider hiring and that is Mike more »
5on Avvo, Sep 07, 2017
I really like the way he works! Very professional, think ahead, on top of things and of course he does a wonderful job! more »
4on Avvo, Aug 30, 2017
When I missed a court date for driving while suspended facing a possible one year suspension I would now need an attorney so I called Mike he asked for details and went on from there, Mike did a very professional job, kept in contact with me through the whole process. more »
5on Avvo, Aug 28, 2017
Michael is always availble no matter he was traveling abroad or in town. He is very knowledgable in his area! He helped solve the issue regarding our son' car accident in an efficient way! more »
5on Avvo, Aug 28, 2017
Great attorney! Helped me out twice with driving under a suspension. He made sure I had no time jail time! He's very understanding and knows what he's talking about. more »
5on Avvo, Aug 27, 2017
Mr Greenberg knowledge and professionalism help me out to get out of an speeding ticket , NO points in my license and no record, paid a fine and got out clean. Would recommend Mr Greenberg to you all . more »
5on Avvo, Aug 27, 2017
Mike was great help for me during my tough times. He provided great advices and helped me get passed my ticket violation situation. I would recommend him to anybody who has received a ticket and needs guidance through the situation more »
5on Avvo, Aug 10, 2017
- I received a slew of violations that was almost a guarantee of me losing my license. I what cited driving 100 mph while with a suspended license. To most, that would be a curse. I spoke with multiple lawyers before consulting with Mr. Greenberg and they were very grim towards me. Mr. Greenberg was very positive and brutally honest at the same time. He told me not to worry and helped guide me through the process of being able to keep my license.
-Mr. Greenberg knew I was faced against one of South Jersey's toughest judges. He fought hard for me and my rights and was able to negotiate a plea that I thought was practically impossible.
-I can't thank him enough for the hard work, persistence, and professionalism he put into my case to help keep me on the road.
-your search for an attorney stops here. Call Mike Greenberg
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5on Avvo, Aug 08, 2017
Mike helped me reduce my fine. More importantly, no more suspension. I highly appreciate his help. more »
5on Avvo, Aug 08, 2017
Michael really got me out from a tough situation. I was stop for speeding and the cop gave me reckless driving and since I didnr had my insurance card at that time, he end up giving a ticket for that. Michael took over the case, he made me take some traffic course and manage the case pretty amazing, the day of the court he did everything for me and solve the problem. He got me no points at all, and he got the judge to take away the ticket for not having insurance. Reckless driving went to unsafe driver with no points. Amazing! more »
5on Avvo, Aug 07, 2017
Mr. Greenberg was about to keep my license valid despite my high points Total and bad driving record. I got no points for my ticket and no suspension on my license. I'm glad I hired him! You should too! more »
5on Avvo, Aug 01, 2017
The moment I called for a consultation, I had a feeling I would not be disappointed. I called another lawyer first and did not get the same feeling. I was stopped by a state trooper on the NJ Turnpike going 98mph on a 65mph zone. This was my first ticket ever and I was so scared of what could happen at my hearing. Mike explained his plan and steps I needed to take. I was able to get away with no points or suspension, only a fine I was able to pay right away. I WOULD DEFINITELY USE THIS LAWYER AGAIN, if i ever needed to. He is very nice and caring. THANKS MICHAEL!!! more »
5on Avvo, Jul 28, 2017
Lawyer EVER!!!! I had a suspended license for over 10 years, Michael enabled me to enter into a payment plan & put me in good standing with the city, oh he got my driving privileges restored, ALL without having to take a day from work plus his fee was outrageously reasonable say under $150 dollars. I'd HIGHLY recommend his services to anyone in need of a legal matter regarding either the city or penn DOT. more »
5on Avvo, Jul 27, 2017
I got pulled over for going 80Mph in a 65Mph zone by a state trooper on a local interstate. After I got pulled over I got two additional tickets, one for window tint and another for license plate covers. I needed these tickets dismissed because I have lost my license before and I could definitely lose it again for the speeding. Micheal Greenberg was able to get me out of he got the speeding and the window tint ticket dismissed. I was very satisfied with his work. If you're looking for a traffic lawyer this is the one the look for. more »
5on Avvo, Jul 27, 2017
This man is wonderful! Easy and great to deal with in every facet! Saved me hundreds of dollars! If you need his services you will find no one better to help you! Thank you beyond words!!! more »
5on Avvo, Jul 25, 2017
Got my ticket reduced to 5mph over with no points I didn't even have to show up. more »
5on Avvo, Jul 18, 2017
I had been charged with a second DUI and had consulted Michael Greenberg. He listened thoroughly, provided very valuable advice and referred me to another excellent laywer who specializes moreso in the particular circumstances under which I was arrested. I highly recommend giving Michael a call as he certainly knows what he's doing and will undoubtedly provide excellent advice and representation. more »
5on Avvo, Jul 18, 2017
Mr Greenberg did great job helping me in court today, he cleared up my DMV points and saving me from potential suspension of my driver license. He negotiated the court to reduce my 6 points traffic violation down to 0 points. I certainly recommend Mr. Greenberg to anyone that needs help with traffic violations. Michael is a gentleman, he arrived in court early, dressing up professionally in blue-striped business suite. He gave me advice in advance before and after the court section. I was standing with him in front of the honorable judge while he was speaking for me. more »
5on Avvo, Jul 15, 2017
Mr.Greenberg is an amazing lawyer. He helps me go through the process and is able to achieve a great result. He contacted me very quickly and was able to schedule an early court date to help me a lot with my business. I can say how thankful to Greenberg and you should definitely reach out to him if you have traffic problems. more »
5on Avvo, Jul 12, 2017
A month or so ago, he helped me go from 9 points to 0. I was close to losing my license and it was only the first time I had ever even gotten a ticket. He was straight to the point and very down to earth. I highly recommend him! more »
5on Avvo, Jul 12, 2017
Mike did an amazing job getting my speeding ticket reduced to a non moving violation. He gave me some work to do in advance which I followed to the letter. I couldn't be happier and would highly recommend Mike. more »
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1324 Locust Street, 531, Philadelphia, PA 19107
DUI Lawyer


At the Law Offices of Michael Curtis Greenberg we have provided strong and aggressive legal representation in New Jersey since 1991 and Pennsylvania since 1992. Because of our 25 year proven track record for success in achieving desired results for our clients, and our willingness to take on even the most challenging cases, many of our new clients come to us as referrals. A significant percentage of our clients are out-of-State persons who have been arrested or received a traffic citation in Pennsylvania or New Jersey. We also represent out-of-State truck drivers. A serious traffic offense or disqualification of your CDL could be potentially devastating.

Michael Curtis Greenberg, Esquire is a 1990 graduate of the Widener University School of Law where for two years he was a member of the Moot Court Honor Society. While in law school, Michael was a quarter-finalist in the Moot Court Honor Society competition. Additionally, Michael represented the Widener Univeristy School of Law Moot Court Honor Society Interscholastic Debating Team in the Merna S. Marshall Administrative Law Interscholastic Competition having achieved alston with his Interscholastic Debating Team partner a first place result in the oral argument part of the competition.

In June 1996, at a group admission ceremony before all nine (9) Justices of the United States Supreme Court, Michael Curtis Greenberg, Esquire was sworn in and was admitted as a Member of the Bar of the United States Supreme Court. Mr. Greenberg is presently licensed to practice law before the United States Supreme Court.

Attorney Greenberg is a member of the United States Supreme Court Historical Society as well as the New Jersey Association for Justice.
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